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Newton Geiszler’s End Costume - Pants

Firstly, Charlie Day’s legs are tiny. I couldn’t stop giggling when I unpacked them. They must be about a 28/29 inch leg. I’ll have to measure to confirm. The waist size is written inside as a 32 inch waist.

And…the pants mystery can now be put to rest! XD Turns out they are actually a dark blue with pinstripe. The prop auction description said they are corduroy, but I don’t agree, as the lines aren’t raised or anything. They are a stretchy jean-like fabric. The button at the front and label inside says that they are from Lip Service, which made me cackle a lot. I’ve done a bit of research and I’m pretty sure they’re Railroad Moto Junkie Needle Jeans. That’s the only place that I can find them online at the moment, and only in that one size, unfortunately.

They are also dirty and ripped, from his fall during the baby Otachi scene.

The funniest thing about these? I turned them upside down and a 50 Yuan note fell out of the back pocket, which I’m assuming was Charlie’s at some point. XD

Other parts of this costume: Shirt / Tie / Jacket / Wearing

Bless you for this post.

Anonymous: feuilly + disney prince ensemble



He’s gotta go find who this glass combat boot belongs to

hint its bahorel

#how the fuck does bahorel lose a glass combat boot?! x

shh dont worry about it

he took it off to throw it at the prince in an act of protest? So Feuilly has to go hunt down this asshole who threw a shoe at him? So he disguises himself as a commoner and meets this tall angry hot guy in a tavern who tells him how corrupt and unjust the patriarchy has been and Feuilly vows to himself to make the kingdom a better place? And eventually after many romcom antics they figure out who the other is and try to be angry but are allready too in love?????


at night: everything is crashing around me. nothing has any meaning

in the morning: Whatever I Am Great


"The Queen of Rap, slaying with Queen Bey!"

oh my god this photoset

no one loves chris evans more than joss


can’t believe it’s taken me this long to jump onto the poc bandwagon


line of duty/line of fire 








So I made a cheeky end-of-term project for my zombies in pop culture class.

Most of the semester has consisted of reading accounts of white dudes visiting the natives of various countries and talking about cannibalism. So I came up with a story (I had video game in mind when I was making it) where the white settlers were trying to escape Europe and the plague that brought the dead to life.

Just before making landfall, everyone on the ships catches the illness and become the flesh eating undead. The native americans are left to find these massive ships that have washed ashore and are full of pale walking corpses

and they’re like WELP IT’S NOT LIKE THE COLD WINTERS AND OCCASIONAL STARVATION AND WRESTLING WITH BEARS EVER KILLED US so they all just set out to hit all the zombie settlers in the brains with tomahawks and shit and just take it with a grain of salt.

I hope I can keep a straight face when I present this in class oh my god.

PS: The native american outfits are all more or less accurate (albeit from different tribes and eras) considering I did this whole project in two days. But for the settlers I was literally just referencing Halloween costumes hahaha.

A+ 10/10 I would play the hell out of this


the puritans are portrayed perfectly, when they first landed on our lands they were so ill prepared for winter and were resorting to digging up Native graves and eating the dead

OMG I DID NOT NO THAT jfc moniyawak 


Smh oyinbo are savages.


fire and blood


I like to think that Howl and Calcifer just sat down and had tea and a chat once in a while. You would too if your fireplace were a sentient fire demon. It’s one of the perks.

(Super late submission to ghibli jam, which I only found out about at 10PM last night (!) Process on twitter.)