Ariel and Ursula taken at Awesomecon 2014
Cosplayer (Ariel): http://www.facebook.com/VictoriaCosplay
Photo by http://www.facebook.com/GHPFans


dragons hoard gold and treasure but as far as i can tell they have no use for it as actual currency. dragons dont really need material wealth because they can do whatever they want and no one will sell anything to a dragon (a dragon can just take whatever they want anyway)

possible theories for why dragons hoard treasure:

  • like many species of birds, dragons are instinctually attracted to shiny objects for no other reason except to attract a mate with their beautiful nest
  • their favorite cartoon is scrooge mcduck
  • dragons just enjoy killing/eating rich kings, landowners, aristocrats etc.
  • they intentionally manipulate the global economy by withholding material wealth from the market


Wonder Woman | Dan Mora




Okay but consider this: mermaids in space

Space mermaids? As in: alien mermaids that live in the vacuum of space and swim between the stars? A setting that uses the analogy of deep space as the open ocean but keeps all the sea monsters? DO WANT!!

Luring astronauts into black holes with a song that carries across the void where no one can hear you scream




racebend merida just because

So pretty! And totally reminds me of jasjuliet ;-)

:O :D So cool!



Manwë Súlimo

from tonight’s livestream UuU




This is an entry I made for Helpful Bear Productions’ Kaiju Design contest.  (which is still ongoing, btw, if you want to enter!) Rather than design one full kaiju, I wanted to try playing around with bigger interlocking shapes and see if I could squeeze various creatures together. 

This is why I don’t go swimming.

(J/K. I love swimming.)


musical theatre, folks